Digital Evidence Management System

Solution for the management, analysis, and reporting of digital evidence

Platform for the management, analysis and reporting of evidence

Generating expert reports takes a lot of time. A professional can take 7 to 10 days to prepare one. Probatia allows you to do it in just a few minutes, automating and streamlining the process, saving a significant amount of work time.

Its goal is to facilitate the analysis of digital evidence for forensic investigators while ensuring the chain of custody and integrity of the evidence, in accordance with international standards.

Key Management Features

Probatia provides a set of key and fundamental features for the forensic investigation of digital evidence. The identification, acquisition, and preservation of evidence, automatic analysis, collaborative analysis system, and the presentation of expert reports in various standard formats, combined with blockchain-based chain of custody, make Probatia a useful and effective tool for forensic investigators.

Encrypted Storage

Probatia offers investigators the option to securely store evidence. This is achieved through a digitally encrypted container that allows access only through our application, ensuring maximum security and data integrity.

Team Collaboration

Probatia facilitates collaboration among investigators. It allows for managing access permissions for different user roles, such as administrators, users with editing permissions, users with read-only permissions, as well as forensic experts and analysts involved in the case.

Investigation Status Tracking

The platform provides a visual summary of the status of an investigation, displaying information such as the number of interventions, files, analyses, the number of investigators with access to the case, and whether the case is open or closed, among other details.

Chain Of Custody

Ensure the chain of custody for evidence, devices, and interventions with verifiable and immutable audit technology.

Certified Access Control

Probatia supports the use of digital certificates to ensure secure and authorized access to the platform.

Process Automation

Reduce investigation costs by automating much of the evidence management and analysis process.

AI-Driven Multimedia Evidence Analysis


The analysis determines the accuracy level of each word in the transcription, allowing the investigator to modify any with low precision.

Probatia can automatically detect the language of the speakers, offering the ability to analyze batches of audio in different languages simultaneously.

The analysis allows the identification of up to 10 speakers in recorded conversations, providing an unprecedented level of analysis.

Probatia enables the detection of relevant textual data in images, such as license plates, handwritten or printed text, making it easier for investigators to search for information.


Metadata analysis is one of the most effective methods for obtaining relevant information from image files.

Thanks to metadata analysis and DQT tables, Probatia allows investigators to identify the source of the image even in cases where the metadata has been removed.

The thumbnail is a valuable source of information in forensic investigations. It allows us to detect unedited versions of an image, making it easier to identify images that have been maliciously edited.

Many images contain geolocation information that is highly relevant in any forensic investigation. With Probatia, you can view the location where these images were taken as well as their position on a map.

Probatia offers an advanced solution for the identification of individuals in images, allowing the detailed extraction of their physical characteristics. This technology enables efficient searches for individuals within large image collections, thus optimizing analysis capacity and identification accuracy.

Probatia not only works as an advanced OCR to identify text in documents, such as license plates, phone numbers, invoice amounts and posters, but also determines the type of information each element represents, optimizing the process of analyzing and categorizing textual data efficiently.


The platform generates expert reports in different standard formats, which facilitates the interpretation and use of the results by judicial authorities and prosecutors, and simplifies the process of prosecution and resolution of cases.

Probatia muestra todos los metadatos de las evidencias seleccionadas para mostrar en el informe ahorrando una gran cantidad de tiempo.

The reports include all evidence background (agents, devices, interventions, etc.) as well as all meta-information and chain-of-custody records.

Take control of your investigation to the next level

Probatia is an innovative software for the identification, management and reporting of digital evidence, based on advanced technologies such as Quantum Ledger Data Base, Big Data and artificial intelligence (AI).

Its purpose is to simplify the analysis of digital evidence for forensic investigators, while ensuring the chain of custody and integrity of evidence, in accordance with the UNE ISO/IEC 27037:2016 standard.

Gestión de evidencias digitales


Probatia enables intuitive and automated management of digital evidence through a workflow that can be grouped into three phases: recording phase, analysis and delivery of expert and police reports.

FASE 1: Registro de intervenciones, dispositivos y archivos.

Aplicación del estándar ISO/IEC 27037:2016 respetando la originalidad de las evidencias gracias a la tecnología blockchain.

  • Localización y descripción de la escena.
  •  Identificación de los operarios de los dispositivos de captura.
  • Clasificación de dispositivos encontrados: discos duros, tarjetas de memoria y Smartphone.
  • Registro de imágenes de disco de dispositivos o archivos obtenidos por extracción lógica.
  • Firmas Hash y sello de tiempo de todas las evidencias por medio de registro en blockchain.

FASE 2: Gestión, clasificación y análisis automatizado.

Análisis automatizado de evidencias informáticas y multimedia mediante uso de Inteligencia Artificial y Big Data

  • Búsqueda y clasificación de evidencias según los criterio de la investigación.
  • Análisis de autentificación automático de archivos multimedia.
  • Análisis de metadatos avanzado por lotes de archivos o individuales.

FASE 3: Presentación de informes.

Agiliza la presentación de informes periciales mostrando todas las evidencias con firmas HASH y sellos de tiempo.

  • Redacción de informes ajustados a la metodología científica.
  • Presentación de evidencias con firmas HASH y certificados de sello de tiempo.
  • Informes adaptados a diferentes modelos según la legislación vigente.

STAGE 1: Registration of interventions, devices and files.

STAGE 2: Management, classification and automated analysis.

STAGE 3: Reporting.

Application of the ISO/IEC 27037:2016 Standard While Respecting the Originality of Evidence by Using Inmutable Technology.

  • Locating and describing the scene.
  • Identification of the agents of the acquisition devices.
  • Classification of devices found: hard disks, memory cards and Smartphone.
  • Registration of disk ISO of devices or files obtained by logical extraction.
  • Hash signatures and time stamping of all evidence through QLDB technology.

Automated Analysis of Digital and Multimedia Evidence Using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Search and categorization of evidence based on investigation criteria.

  • Automatic authentication analysis of multimedia files.
  • Advanced batch or individual metadata analysis of files.

Streamline the preparation of expert reports by displaying all evidence with HASH signatures and timestamps.

  • Draft reports aligned with scientific methodology.
  • Presentation of evidence with HASH signatures and timestamp certificates.
  • Reports tailored to different models according to current legislation.

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