A Single Line of Investigation to Unify Them All

When details of an unknown event are needed, investigative and analysis professionals emerge to illuminate cases shrouded in darkness.

Yet, bureaucratic processes and stringent security standards can encumber their methods with excessive administrative steps, slowing down their ability to analyze effectively.

Probatia offers the perfect solution for investigation professionals looking to streamline their processes and enhance their operational efficiency.

Forensic Experts

Evidence collection and classification

Forensic analysis and evidence classification

Presentation of the expert report and final conclusions.


Investigation, forensic criminologists


Analytics and expert reporting


Large amount of data to analyze and reports to run manually when preparing and presenting them.


A platform that allows professionals to automate expert reports and reduce their execution time.

Savings in working time



  • Report Writing Using Scientific Methodology: Our reports are crafted using rigorous scientific methods to ensure accuracy and reliability.
  • Evidence Presentation with HASH Signatures and Timestamps: We provide evidence that is secured with HASH signatures and timestamps, enhancing the integrity and traceability of the data.
  • Legislation-Compliant Reporting: Our reports are tailored to align with current laws and regulations, ensuring they meet all legal requirements.
  • Process Automation via AI: We leverage artificial intelligence to automate processes, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of subsequent procedures.

Law Enforcement

Device Tracking and Data Collection

Case Management: Establishing Investigative Direction

Pattern Detection and Inter-Departmental Coordination


State Security Forces and Law Enforcement Professionals.


Evidence Seizure, Custody, and Pattern Analysis


Ensure Protocol-Compliant Evidence Collection to Prevent Contamination and Resolve Cases


A Platform That Ensures Chain of Custody Integrity, Enabling Focused Investigative Efforts

Savings in working time


Featured Functionality: AI-Powered Pattern Recognition

The extensive collection of metadata enables the storage and categorization of details often imperceptible to the human eye. This powerful functionality aids in the detection of digital evidence originating from the same device, alerting investigators to simultaneous pattern occurrences in cases initially thought to be unrelated.

Our platform proactively notifies users when matching clues emerge, allowing them to promptly contact the responsible analysis department. This ensures that investigative leads can be effectively interconnected, enhancing the investigative process.

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